4 Reasons To Use Organic Fertilizer

When deciding what type of fertilizer to use on your yard, make sure that you seriously consider the benefits of using organic fertilizer for farming. Organic fertilizer can offer your garden or yard many benefits. Organic fertilizer has a strong soil structure with thriving microbes that is sustainable and environmentally friendly and can help reduce the use of pesticides.

#1 Improved Soil Structure

One of the first benefits of organic fertilizer is that it can help improve the structure of your soil. Organic fertilizer is made from both plant and animal waste, and it has a really solid structure that is based on natural waste and nutrimental sources. The presence of organic fertilizer can improve the overall structure of your soil, making it easier for your soil to absorb and retain water as well as nutrients.

#2 Microbes Thrive

You want to have microbes in your soil. Microbes are things such as Penicillium, nematodes, Trichoderma, and yeast. All of these microbes provide benefits to your soil. They help promote plant growth, fight against bacteria and fungi, and can help plants live healthier and stronger lives.

Organic fertilizer contains carbon and organic matter, which microbes need to thrive. When you add organic fertilizer to your soil, you are creating a more welcoming environment for microbes, which is only beneficial to your plants.

#3 Sustainable

When you use synthetic fertilizer, you are going to harm the environment in the long-run. Runoff from synthetic fertilizer gets into waterways and can damage water quality and marine life. Organic fertilizer, because it is made of solid plant and animal waste, doesn't run off in the same way that synthetic fertilizer runs off. It doesn't encounter the same negative impact on waterways, marine life, and animal life. Since organic fertilizer is made from natural components, it actually benefits the environment and can add biodiversity instead of harming it.

#3 Reduce Pesticides

Organic fertilizer can do more than provide your plants with temporary nutrients. The presences of organic fertilizer can improve the overall quality of the soil and reduce the presences of pests, reducing the need for you to use pesticide. Organic fertilizer can also help improve the overall amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the soil, resulting in the need for the use of less fertilizer over the long-run.

Organic fertilizer not only benefits your plants, but it also helps improve your soil and has a positive impact on the overall environment. It is worth investing in organic fertilizer for your small farm or lawn care needs.

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When deciding what type of fertilizer to use on your yard, make sure that you seriously consider the benefits of using organic fertilizer for farming.